Share your purpose with

and reach millions

Engage your followers by giving them a say in where your charity dollars go. Start a giveaway and turn your social following into social good.

We hear from our clients how difficult it is to...

Create campaigns that stand out

Build deep, authentic relationships

Not come across as self promoting

Goodness that goes VIRAL

Traditional marketing can get lost in the sea of information and feel inauthentic. Goodness Giveaway allows you to put customers at the centre of your story and make them the hero. This is why these campaigns go viral organically.
4 Tips for creating


Learn about how to engage your customers by doing good

Increase your organic reach

Boost your following

Average 2.5x boost in social media following attributed to campaign performance

Ad-free impressions

Average of 10x reach & impression performance when compared to traditional social media campaigns

Get more for your giving

Clients have received a 200% ROI on social media using Goodness Giveaway

Harness the power of purpose that gets you noticed

Put your charity dollars into the hands of your customers and watch as influencers, charities, and users all share your campaign and claim funds for their favourite causes, earning your brand organic impressions and authentic engagement & excitement. 

Build deeper connections

by creating 1:1 personalized connections at scale

Earn trust and credibility

by engaging followers with the causes they care about

Campaigns that get YOU noticed

Stand out from the crowd with authentic meaningful connection

Give where it matters most

Ensure that your charity dollars are going to causes that your followers care about. Drive social change through incremental donations to charities of their choice.

Empathize with your audience

85% of people expect brands to solve issues that matter to them personally

Advocate for your customers

87% of consumers will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they care about

Get more street cred

88% of people say they would purchase products or services from a purpose-driven company


Create Authentic Connections

“We see this as a way to show up and support our customers, communities and live our values. Corporate America is getting in trouble for posting but not taking real action and this is a way to take action. There are no other ways to engage customers in that... it doesn't exist.

~Manager of Social Impact at Multinational Cosmetics Brand

Grow Your Community, Grow Your Business

“Goodness Giveaway has been a great partner in keeping the bonds with our community strong and positive. Goodness Giveaway’s role in building communities is invaluable not just for our own business, but also for our broader community and goodness economy."

Trina Go Listanco
~Owner and Director at Aqua Prima


How do I start a campaign?

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Can I decide which charities can be chosen?

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How much does it cost to run a campaign?

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How much does it cost to run a campaign?

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